A Personal Note

What a year this has been! God is amazing! We have been sustained by His mercy. He has sent many, many messengers of grace and comfort. We are truly blessed. We enter the new year with hope and confidence, knowing God’s plans are for our good.

Beginning next week the blog will undergo some renovation, with some new features and themes. We have much to share. Much for which to be thankful. Much to do.

I look forward to 2012!

God’s Current Purpose

What do you currently see of God’s purpose for His people?

What do you currently see of God’s purpose for you?

Big questions. I know.

Fill your lungs and open your eyes. Breathe deep and see large. Walk with a BIG, AWESOME, SOVEREIGN GOD!!

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I Want To Preach the Cross of Christ

 I have been taking personal inventory. For now I have only one thing to share. I hope you read through to the end. I have a request to make of you.

I want to preach the Cross of Christ.

(Warning: all Scripture quotes come from the King James Version. I normally use the Revised Standard Version but do this now to provoke a slower reading of Scripture.)

My departure from preaching on May 1st was an answer to years of fervent prayer. God meant for me not to preach for a season. I do not believe God’s will for me is to stop preaching all together. My sense of God’s calling for me to preach has only intensified. Yet God would have me be a better follower even as He would have me to preach again. He has given me a season to grow towards Him … absent preaching.

Over the last seven months I have spent many hours driving a limousine. The space inside the vehicle has become a laboratory of introspection. Concerning preaching I have asked myself one question: “What do I preach?”

This is the one question, isn’t it?

Preaching can be a vain thing. Turn on the television if you seek proof. Preaching is a kind of ‘performance’ and preachers easily become addicted to it at that level. That addiction is fed by dwelling upon other questions: “How shall I preach?” or “Who is my target audience?” or “How can I be most relevant and current?” or “What care must I take not to offend or challenge?”

My answer to the one question is, “I want to preach the Cross of Christ.”

I will preach through texts, unpacking them verse by verse, chapter by chapter. But I am convicted the Cross of Christ must be the fixed value of all Christian preaching.

Why the Cross?

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